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The Proven 6-Step System To Help You Create An Extra £3,000 CASH In Your Business In The Next 30-days (in just 4 hours of learning!)

The Proven 6-Step System To Help You Create An Extra £3,000 CASH In Your Business In The Next 30-days 
(in just 4 hours of learning!)

are you...

  •  Feeling icky about claiming more money for yourself?
  • Overwhelmed in your business and want to make money fast so you can free up some capacity to have more CEO wellbeing?
  • ​Stuck in cycles of over-giving, people-pleasing and doing everything yourself, afraid to ask for help?

Are you ready to get a 12x ROI in your business?

That's what's going to happen when you register for Consistent Cash Flow Queen!

Would you invest £247 to make £3,000? 

Of course, you would! That's exactly what you're getting when you jump into CCFQ!

And you are ready to...

  • Get the proven tools to create an extra £3,000 CASH in your business so you can build an abundance fund in your business in the next 30 days? 
  • 3x your profit using this tried and tested framework so you can actually keep and grow the money you make?
  • ​Step into your CEO Millionaire Mindset so you can manifest more money with ease?

What you will get ...

step 1

the Wealthy Woman Profit Maximiser Planner & 15-MIN Video Implementation Training  
(WOrth £497)

  • Finally achieve consistent cash flow in your business. Follow simple instructions and you’ll finally have a clear and realistic overview of your current sales, as well as forecasting your months ahead
  • ​Work out your most profitable services or products, so you can choose what to focus on to maximise your revenue 
  • ​Understand how to hold onto more of the money that your business is generating 

step 2

A 2 Hour Training - How to create consistent cash flow for greater financial freedom  
(WOrth £297)

  • ​This is one of the modules from our signature programme, The Wealthy Woman School®. A 2-hour deep dive masterclass where I share my proven framework for creating more consistent cash flow, creating multiple income streams and holding onto more of your profits. You’ll also learn how to find more hidden wealth in where you are spending your time. 

step 3

A 17-Min Introduction to Emotional 
freedom technique (eFT)  
(WOrth £49)

  • ​An on-demand training to take you through Emotional Freedom Technique, and how you can use it to release money shame.


A 1 hour TRAINING VIDEO; 3 x your Profits 
& Profit Tracking Downloadable Plan  
(WOrth £566)

  • Learn my proven money management methodology that shows you how to hold onto more of your profits to pay yourself more
  • ​Includes a downloadable profit plan to implement alongside the training plus on-demand training on how to apply it to your business

STEp 5

A 30-Min Millionaire Mindset Meditation Bundle  
(WOrth £147)

  • ​Access my personal morning and afternoon routines with 3 powerful mindset audios that rewire your unconscious beliefs and reset your relationship with money to unlock more abundance, joy and wealth 

STEp 6

A 20-Min Cash Injection Strategy Video 
(WOrth £97)

  • Learn how to create an offer in your business so irresistible, that it practically sells itself
  • ​Discover the sales psychology that encourages your clients to say ‘yes’ to working with you NOW
  • ​This training is usually reserved for my high-end clients, but it’s included in this bundle so you can get a fast cash injection in your business


The 7-min Tapping Maximiser  
(WOrth £47)

  • An on-demand guided tapping audio track to help you tap away perfectionism. 
  • ​Stop self-sabotaging because things aren’t ‘perfect’.

Total Value £1700! 

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Amongst other things, I had my best month's income ever in my business. I went from an employees mindset to a CEO mindset. I got a personal and business financial plan sorted, I got a strategy for building my audience, building my email list and my credibility as the go to in my industry. I met the most amazing women. Working with Catherine has been the best investment I've ever made.

- Emma Gosling
After the first session I put away £2700 in 10 days. January will be my biggest month in revenue ever. I now have more purchases for myself now but from a place of love because I AM WORTHY and deserve them. We have overshot our target in January by 50% and literally what has changed is me. This is 100% down to working with Catherine

- Sophie Deardon
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