Jersey, Channel Islands 
17th - 19th June, 2024

Time to create a NEW  relationship with money

Join me for a luxury retreat on the beautiful Island of Jersey to uplevel your money mindset, step into your wealth identity and become the wildly wealthy woman you were born to be.

This 2-day experience has been carefully curated to give you the space, time and tools to help you heal and reset your relationship with money so you can breakthrough your next income ceiling and open the door to more abundance in every area of your life.

Time away to work on YOU

The frustration that’s felt when you work so hard but don’t get anywhere compared to the ease and gratitude in your heart when it finally ‘clicks’ and you learn how to ALLOW and RECEIVE is like night and day. 
We’ll create the safety to go deep into your body to release any old stories and patterns that have been blocking your financial abundance for years, maybe even generations. 

As a certified trauma-informed financial coach and inherited money trauma practitioner, I’ve facilitated many circles over the years for women who often weren’t even aware of the money wounds that were affecting their ability to receive and hold more in life. 

I've witnessed how this work changes lives.

Plus, the magic that’s activated when like-hearted women come together to heal and hold space for one another is profound. I’ve seen many enduring friendships form.


In just two days with me, you'll gain more clarity, creativity and momentum than you’ve had in the past two years along with a solid plan to help you reach a level of emotional and financial freedom like never before - one that feels good for YOU.

As a group, we’ll explore powerful tools and exercises to help you break through your income ceiling both in the body and in the mind and you’ll learn the skills that are needed to sustain your success for the long term.

This retreat is for you if…

  • You’ve been pushing hard and burning the midnight oil but just can’t seem to get past your current income level, no matter what you do!
  • You love what you do but your business is starting to feel less fun and more like hard work, you’re looking to bring some of the old excitement and energy back. 
  • You’re unsure about your next steps. Do you do another course, hire a mentor, burn it all to the ground and create a new product suite? You’d love some clarity!
  • You want your business to be profitable, that’s a no-brainer - but you want guidance from a financial expert on how to create real, generational wealth for your family.
  • You’re craving connection and support from a group of like-minded women.


As entrepreneurs, we can get caught up in the 'next thing' and forget to pause and reflect on what's working (and what isn't) so we can create something better. This is that opportunity you’ve been craving to take time out for you - to work on you and on your business! 

Here’s The ItinerARy:

Day one

WEALTH embodiment

Day 1 is our Wealth Embodiment day. Embodying wealth in the body.

Move past fear and develop your money mindset to attract and create wealth, a life of abundance, freedom, and purpose

day two

WEALTH alignment

Day 2 is our Wealth Alignment day. 

Creating a powerful strategy in alignment with your feminine and masculine energy  

Connecting with the feminine and masculine energy within you so that you can create a powerful strategy to better align your life and business together toward your most meaningful goals.

day three

WEALTH activation 

Day 3 is our Wealth Activation day.

Visualising, realising and stepping into your next level of wealth 


(Monday 17th June - evening only)

receiving WEALTH 

Get ready to welcome in your inner Wealthy Woman as we gently open up the space with my signature Heart Warming Opening Circle. 

We’ll come together for the first time in the evening. Under the stars in front of the beautiful beach of St Brelades Bay. Invite the magic to flow and open up to receive.

day ONE

(Tuesday 18th June)


We’ll delve into wealth alignment through both feminine and masculine energies. Experience Wealth Embodiment with tools and practices to release and reset limiting beliefs around money and how much abundance and flow you are ALLOWING in. 

Two guest expert sessions to invite in some magic! Explore how to create and manage wealth using your own unique life path number in Numerology and powerful energy work to unlock your inner Wealth identity. 

day two 

(Wednesday 19th June)

WEALTH alignment

A powerful meditation to start the day and set your Wealth Vision for the next 12 months so you can return home with a renewed sense of purpose, clarity, and the tools to manifest the wealth you desire and deserve.

We’ll finish with a celebration Future-Self Dinner where you'll get to goal-test your future self and start to embrace the life you desire as if it's already a reality.

You'll leave feeling guided, inspired, excited and ready to take action to go to the next level of your business with zero resistance.

Meet the retreat guest experts

Jo Soley

Bizology® (Numerology) Business Strategist

Using the magic of numbers, Jo will lead a 90-minute group session on day 1, working with your personal numerology blueprint to help you create and manage wealth in alignment with subtle numeric energies.

She will guide you through your personal birth numbers to help you gain clarity on how to create more wealth in life and business. 

Caroline Britton


On day 2, underneath the beautiful summer evening stars of Jersey, Caroline will guide us gently through a powerful spiritual energy exercise to help you discover your soul's identity. 

Caroline is a certified business coach, gifted energy healer, teacher and psychic who uses a blend of energy work, strategy, healing and intuition to help you achieve incredible results in your business.

Caroline Britton


Caroline is a certified business coach, gifted energy healer and psychic, Priestess and a powerful channel for source, 

Self made entrepreneur, a healer, a spiritual teacher, a coach and highly skilled and trained in various Divination tools. 

Through a combination of energy work, strategy, healing, intuition - she achieves unbelievable results. 

The Details

here's what we take care of:

  • A beautiful local Jersey lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday with dietary requirements fully catered for.
  • ​Tea and coffee is provided throughout your experience. 
  • A celebratory Wealth embodiment manifestation dinner on Wednesday (Day 2) in a luxurious local restaurant.
  • ​A chance to connect deeply with other women and create lifelong friendships

here's What You Take Care Of:

  • Accommodation (we recommend you stay at Golden Sands, L’horizon or St Brelades Bay Hotel but there are plenty of hotels in the area to suit all budgets). 
  • ​​Flights (approx cost is £100 return from all major airports in the UK into Jersey) 
  • ​Transport to and from the airport. (The hotels are approximately 7 minutes from the bay of St Brelade’s). 
NOTE: While the retreat starts officially on Tuesday 18th June, we suggest arriving on Monday evening so you can unwind, meet the group and settle in. The retreat concludes on Wednesday 19th June with a celebratory dinner (included in your ticket) so we recommend scheduling your return flight for Thursday, June 20th.

Last minute

easy payment plan

3 x monthly instalments of £733

pay in

1 x £2,500 Payment (saving £199)


with remaining £2000 to be paid BY 1ST JUNE.

easy payment plan

3 x monthly instalments of £733

pay in full

1 x £2,500 Payment (saving £199)

meet your retreat leader

If we haven't met yet...
Hi I’m Catherine, lover of strong tea and cosy PJ's, mum to two energetic boys and a ridiculously cute dachshund, loving wife to my best friend… and wealth mentor on a mission to help one million women become more financially resilient.
I’m also a qualified Financial Adviser of 20+ years, Certified Financial Coach, Certified Practitioner in NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), Inherited Family Money Trauma Practitioner, Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach, Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Financial Abuse Specialist ® and a Trauma of Money Method ® Facilitator and expert in several other healing modalities.

My gift is creating safe spaces for women to heal money trauma and step into wealth® with more self awareness, confidence and authority. 


heAR from past attendees

It’s changed the direction of my business. More profitable and less time-consuming

It gave me the time I needed away from everyday demands and allowed me to focus on myself and what I want. I can now move forward and not be stuck and feel more positive about what is ahead of me. 

It’s changed my life. 
I’m a totally different human and I’m making refusal changes for 2024.

You’ll come with an idea of wanting to plan the next steps but what you’ll leave with is so much more. A powerful vision and connections with people who just understand you.

I opened myself up to possibilities and allowed my next steps to come in.

An incredible space where you will find connection, space and limitless possibilities.An incredible space for women to connect and be their true selves without fear of judgment.

The retreat was so much more than I expected. It’s worth 10x the cost or even more!!

I can’t put into words the shifts and energy. I just feel deep gratitude. The most magical thing was when the group held space for my ancestral healing release. I’ve never felt so seen and supported by other women! 

What an absolute honour it was to spend time in the company of such amazing souls.

It was such a joy to be able to connect with and be seen as our REAL selves with zero fakery. Every single one of you, amazing, powerful women I absolutely can’t wait to connect with again soon.

Catherine created a profoundly beautiful and transformational retreat space. 

My heart is full. I can’t wait to come back and join you for the next one. Catherine radiates feminine power, a pure heart, integrity and so much passion for helping others to BE the change now and take the action to step into the fullest brightest version of yourself.

answers to your questions

 What happens if I need to cancel?

Any cancellation made after April 1st 2024 will be non-refundable. Where possible, a chance to reschedule to the next event will be prioritised however, any changes will be at the discretion of Catherine's organisation.

 What if the retreat gets cancelled?

If the minimum number of bookings is not met, we reserve the right to cancel. In the unlikely event that this happens, any payments made will be returned in full. An alternative date will be offered and those who have booked and paid will be prioritised at the subsequent retreat. 

Trip cancellation insurance is always recommended when making travel plans. You can use our suggested Travel Guard Insurance online and choose from several policy options.

 Is there a payment plan?

Yes! We’ve created a split payment plan so you can pay in two easy instalments. 

 What level of business do I need to be at to attend the retreat?

Many of our past attendees have reached a milestone in their journey, whether this be transitioning out of a corporate career to start their own business or reaching an income ceiling and looking for support to move into their next level, all stages are welcome.

 What do I need to bring with me?

We will send you a packing list with a full itinerary upon booking so you can come prepared! The future self-goal testing evening is so much fun as you get to dress up as a future identity with something you have always wanted to do or be. Some of our previous guests have dressed up as property owners, international speakers and authors. Get ready for some fun.


(without the usual distractions of daily life) 

A chance for you to go inside yourself to get clear on a plan and decide what you will do next to reach your big goals. Then we celebrate together!

Surrounded by a group of heart-led women, you’ll develop the tools (and finally have the time) to cultivate a healthier relationship with money, reignite the passion you have for your business and learn to receive and allow more in life!
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